Marie Claire Greece
Thanassis Krikis, Photographer

Photography: Thanassis Krikis

Fashion editor: Marilena Karagianni

Hair: Christos Kallaniotis

Make up: Hara Papanicolaou

Featuring model: Nicole (Dmodels)


Think of an isolated society, stuck in the 19th century. Fashion editor Marilena Karagianni creates an Amish-society atittude by combining rustic wardrobe with fancy details. Vintage scarfs and hats complete the look. Thanassis Krikis captures the traditional old-fashioned american atittude, in a country side backround. Hair specialist Christos Kallaniotis creates messy forehead buns, while Make up artist Hara Papanicolaou chooses natural colors to emphasise the innocense. Featuring model: Nicole (Dmodels).