Thanassis Krikis, Photographer

Photography: Thanassis Krikis

Fashion editor: Nathalie Manchot

Hair: Christos Kallaniotis

Make up: Hara Papanicolaou

Featuring model: Julia Beliakova (Nathalie)


Inspired by the immortal legend of Scottish Highlands, fashion editor Nathalie Manchot mixes different types of furs and knitwear, based on earth tones, with folklore details. Thanassis Krikis lenced the feeling of aggressiveness and independence of an immortal female ‘Highlander’ in a winter rural, icy background. Make up artist Hara Papanicolaou emphasises the intensity of the glance by thickening the eyebrows. Hair specialist Christos Kallaniotis creates ‘war helmet’ hair with buns, feathers and sharp edges. Featuring model: Julia Beliakova (Nathalie).